Baidu Woonbar [old goods]

Woonbar new goods is LIMITED, so they just give me time until this SUNDAY!

1. Photobook

Price : 230.000 IDR

2. Neck Pillow

Price : 158.000 IDR




3. Hair Band

Price : 102.000 IDR

4. Key Case

Price : 83.000 IDR

5. Cellphone Hangging

Price : 75.000 IDR




6. Paper Bag

Price : 73.000 IDR

7. Mask

Price : 68.000 IDR (for 1 mask)

Price : 98.000 IDR (for 3 mask)




8. USB Mass Storage Device

Price : 213.000 IDR (4 GB)

Price : 308.000 IDR (8 GB)

9. Notebook Sticker

Price : 93.000 IDR @ 1 pieces




10. Woon Flowers

Price : 111.000 IDR

*they forget give me the picture so i use this picture kkk if you’re yewook shipper, i think you should buy it :))*




i’m so sorry because the price is so expensive >< shipping fee from China was so expensive and i need to add fee for bank

that price is include shipping fee from China and bank fee but not include shipping fee to your home ^^;

if you have question, you ask me via email,

and for order


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